We Quit Our Day Jobs

Successful boat partnerships occur as often as Haley’s comet appears in the night sky, and that had to be on the minds of fishing buddies Mark Lacovara and Phillip Mahn in 2011 when they decided to pool their resources and buy a 38’ Fountain to try and refurbish and sell at a profit.

Incredibly, it worked out. So they did it again, and it worked again. Pretty soon they had restored, repaired, rewired, and basically rebuilt 9 sportfish boats which each left them with the same question, “Why wasn’t it done right the first time.”

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Built A Brand

Mark, and Phil had soon built the kind of reputation that had people trailering their top tier boats hundreds of miles to Saint Augustine to get “Grand Slam Boats” to do what should have been done by the company that built the boat in the first place.

After hundreds of hours climbing into bilges of just about every major manufacturer in the marine industry, they decided to “quit their day jobs” and become boat dealers. They loved helping their customers get on the water, and their customers loved working with the guys.

And Set The Bar

The problem with their plan became immediately obvious. There are plenty of big, beautiful, boats on the market, but none that came up to the standards Mark and Phil had set for themselves. Standards that today’s boat builders have never seen. Standards that only people that take the sport of blue water fishing seriously will appreciate. “We launched Front Runner Boats, because we wanted to build the kind of boat we’ve always wanted,” said Mark Lacovara. Our new 36’ 39’ and 47’ “Game Boats”, are all about setting a higher standard.

If you’ve always dreamed of having everything you wanted in a boat, it’s time for Front Runner Boats

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"We launched Front Runner Boats, because we wanted to build the kind of boat we’ve always wanted."

The Frontrunner Team

Individually we're fathers, fishermen, and avid boaters—together, we're a team of passionate boat builders that take pride in creating boats for our clients that set the bar for the offshore industry.


Mark Lacovara

Co Founder


Phillip Mahn

Co Founder


Mordy Miltz

Marketing/Sales Director